Montana the Collie and Sparkle the Norwegian Elkhound



Montana eating in his crate
Talk about lazy!

Sparkle deciding which treat to eat
I usually give her two treats at bedtime. This time I gave her three, she had to decide which was better.

Montana and Marilyn
Marilyn reads to Montana

Dax Reading
Dax the Norwegian Elkhound reads 3 cards and does what they say

Dax and Pole
Dax learns a new trick

Two Elkhounds know what the dogcatcher is

Get the bag
Majik opens cabinet door gets a bag and takes it to Jon

Bowl stacking
Majik stacks several bowls inside each other

Majik picks up trash and puts it in the wastecan

Majik helps with the Laundry

Collie and book
Marilyn reads a Lassie book to Montana the Collie

Open door
Majik opens a door and gets a ball out

What we see when we go down our country road

Coffee Table
Sparkle likes to nap on the coffee table while we watch TV

Yorik gets a hanky for Marilyn

Yorik helps out in the kitchen

Our therapy Dogs on TV

Yorik sorts things, puts them where they belong

Yorik and Majik play basketball together