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Astro Collectibles


Who doesn't like toys? They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and age.

There are Space vehicles, rocket ships, communication devices, space suits, postcards, ashtrays, medals, statues, stamps, clocks, plates, drinking glasses, thermometers, Christmas ornaments, Rocket Lava Lamps, lamps, and lots more. Below are some of mine, remember I have been at it a while.

Two different Saturn lamps, sundial, rocket lamp





Rocket Lava Lamp


Antique Compass





Who wouldn't want some Pluto Water?



Special made for Transit Of Venus 2004






Note the planetarium projector and the cup and saucer from Adler Planetarium



Do you still have your Solar system bank?


Space Theme Pinball - one battery, one manual




Clockwork sundial. Wind up on the back.


"Standard Observatory Clock Co."



Master (longcase) and slave clocks.