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Other Equipment

This page is for the astronomy related accessories. Included in this category are observatory clocks, weight driven drum recorders, transits, and odds and ends.

Observatory clocks: I have a master clock, and several slave clocks. A master clock sends an electric signal to a slave clock two or so times a day, and the slave resets it own time if it is off.

Drum chronograph: The drum has paper around the drum. As the drum rotates, the pens make straight marks on the paper. One pen moves when a switch is clicked. An astronomer looks up the coordinates of when a certain star will move into that position. A transit telescope is moved to the coordinates ahead of time. When the star is in the crosshairs of the eyepiece, the astronomer clicks a switch. Several stars are timed to determine the reaction time. The other pen is connected to the astronomical clock, and this pen makes a tick mark every second. Then it can be determined exactly what time it is, and the master clock is set.

Filar micrometer: These can be big or small, they can have two, or several sets of crosshairs. The crosshairs can be moved by turning a dial with markings on it.



Drum Chronograph view of weight drive 



Drum Chronograph overall view



Brandis Transit





Camera Obscura 


First try at taking picture Camera Obscura produced.


Box label 



Sheet Music


And finally, who doesn't have an original Hubble Telescope sign on their observatory?