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Peridier Double Refractor



Julian Peridier had an observatory in Le Houga, France. In one dome he had a 12.3" Calver, and in the other dome he had this magnificent telescope. It is on a T. Cooke equatorial mount. The mount was modified by Manent, and he had two lenses made by Couder. One was a photographic lens (now lost), and the other was a visual lens. These were mounted in twin side-by-side tubes.

Manent also made a filar micrometer for Julian Peridier. The refractor was brought over but never assembled in this country, thus the older photo below was taken in France in the 60's or before.

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The double 8" refractor as it was in France in the 60's.

R.A. shaft. you can see the ~1" shaft on the right.

DEC shaft

Cooke mount shown partially assembled showing also the tangent arm. The lower portion of the mount is in the background, as it would be too tall to work on if put together.