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Alvan Clark 6" Refractor on John Byrne equatorial mount
Alvan Clark 4" Refractor on original no. 5 mount
Alvan Clark Transit Of Venus heliostat
Clark Telescopes and accessories
12.3" Peridier Calver reflector on #2 Pedestal Observatory mount
12" Fecker Classical Cassegrain on equatorial mount
6" Brashear Refractor on rare crescent equatorial mount
8" Peridier Couder Double Refractor on T. Cooke equatorial mount, modified by Manent
2.5" Troughton & Sims transit
3" Abraham Zenith Circle
3" refractor on equatorial mount
3" refractor on alt-az mount
Peridier Filar Micrometer by Manent
10" Gaertner coelostat
Zeiss stereo (blink) comparitor
Drum chronograph
Brandis Transit
French Spectroscope
Restorations for others, and how to restore your instrument
Custom made Alt-Az mount for 4" refractor
Replacing a spider web in a filar micrometer
Everything else