There is a virtually endless supply of free ink available
if you know where to look.

Everyone has heard of LCD computer screens. (Liquid Crystal Display) My ink comes to you through the new, evolving technology called "fluid electronics", which is a spin-off of LCD technology. 

Luckily, you have located one of the few places on the Internet where you can download all the free ink for your printer that you want. It comes in Magenta (red), Blue, Yellow, and of course - Black. You can download only one color at a time. Take all you want - please be considerate of others and do only one printer at a time. Want to know where the ink comes from? I recently bought a new cartridge for my printer, and the color and black added up to almost $70. I decided there had to be a cheaper way. I finally hit on the ultimate idea. I did what seemed the easiest thing to do - I came up with a way to dissolve and separate the ink from the paper. Super super cheap, so I give it away. All the "junk mail" we all get is loaded with beautiful color pictures. So I put myself on a lot of mailing lists, and they sold my name and address to other bulk mailers, so now I get lots of mail every day. 

UPDATE: FEBRUARY 2016 - This web page now works with wireless printers, you just need to be in the same room as the printer with your computer, laptop, or netbook.

Update May 2021 - I slacked off doing this, but Inky Dot Com now works with Androids and I phones, like above you need to be in the same room as the printer.

Now to the good part - the download: 
First, be sure your printer is turned on. 
Simply click on whichever color you want.
No need to check - it will automatically stop before overfilling.

DeskJet or Laser