Therapy Elkhounds

Wegian and Loki are registered Therapy Dogs.  They have been tested by an evaluator from Therapy Dogs International, whose job it is to verify that potential therapy dogs have both good manners and sound temperament. (Wegian was certified in 1998, and Loki in 1999). Therapy dogs should be friendly and outgoing.  They should not be easily frightened by unusual sounds - like loud talking or a bedpan dropping. Therapy Dog candidates must also pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. For more information on Therapy Dogs International, visit their website (see our Dog Links Page).

Since earning their titles, Wegian and Loki have each made over 200 visits to area nursing homes.  Visits are fun for the dogs as well as the residents - they often save the dogs little tidbits like vanilla wafers or crackers.  Wegian knows where she is as soon as she gets out of the car and runs straight to the door - and why wouldn't she like it? - she's the center of attention for an hour, everyone pets her and gives her treats, and we always stop at McDonald's on the way home!

Here are some pictures of Wegian at a visit:

Wegian being petted
The dining room is a good place to visit because there are always crumbs on the floor!

Wegian being petted
After a few visits, residents look forward to seeing Wegian and Loki.
When you begin visiting, you must continue on a regular schedule, because people start checking the calendar for the day the dogs come and are disappointed if you don't come!

Wegian being petted
Therapy Dogs can't be afraid of wheelchairs or walkers.

Wegian being petted
Sometimes the residents like to talk about their own pets they used to have.

Wegian being petted
Wegian meets a lady's toy stuffed kitty!

Wegian being petted
The dogs think men give the best pets!

Loki saying "HI" to a new friend

Loki really enjoying "petting" another friend

Wegian licking an ice cream cone
And then .... McDonald's!

Wegian celebrates her 150th Therapy Dog Visit
and Minnie celebrates her 101st birthday