of Yorik and Majik - The Wonder Dogs!

       Most people who move into assisted living or nursing home facilities have to give up their beloved pets. The sadness and loneliness that results can be devastating for some.

       While the Tricky Dog Show itself is a fun time for all, for many in the audience the calming effect of petting Yorik and Majik after the show recalls fond memories of former faithful friends and can bring up some very interesting stories! This is why we started the Tricky Dog Show in 2006.

        Over the past few years, our audience has expanded to include groups of every age, and  we have done hundreds of shows. Missouri towns we have visited include Springfield, Mt. Vernon, Sedalia, Clinton, Columbia, Birch Tree, Licking, Alton, Thayer, Branson, and many others within this geographical area. We have also performed in Arkansas and Illinois.   We meet some wonderful people as we travel throughout the SW Missouri Ozarks with our performing dogs, and hope to continue doing our show and pet therapy for many years to come.

A partial grant from the Se-Ma-No Electric Co-Op Charitable Foundation (Mansfield MO)
enabled us to purchase this trailer for our show equipment.
Be sure to wave if you see us!

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