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       The Tricky Dog Show began in 2006. We have had Therapy Dogs for years, and noticed that many of the nursing home residents we visited monthly really enjoyed seeing our dogs do silly tricks.

       We started thinking about the possibility of having a quality dog trick show that would offer some fun and entertainment for residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We wanted it to be available to everyone, so we made it free, since many facilities don't have much of a budget for entertainment.

       Yorik came to us as a 4-month-old puppy, and began learning tricks the same week. He absolutely loved doing tricks and was a fast learner. We did our first show when Yorik was just 6 months old and things took off after that! Two years later, we got Majik, and she soon became a Tricky Dog too! After the word was out about our show, we began getting calls from Head Start groups, senior citizen centers, 4-H groups, elementary schools, and churches for their Bible schools and senior groups.  Since then we have done hundreds of shows in the Springfield MO area and, in fact, much of southwest Missouri!

       Since Yorik and Majik are both Therapy Dogs, they enjoy visiting with their audience before and/or after their shows and the audience enjoys getting to meet and pet them!

You can read these magazine articles about our show and our pet therapy visits online:

"Yorik the Wonder Dog," pages 20-21, of the February 2009 issue of Everyday Compassion - click here
"Meet Yorik, One Tricky Dog," page 26 of the January 2011 issue of Rural Missouri - click

To see Yorik and Majik doing some of their tricks on YouTube - click here 

In January, 2008, KOLR-10 Springfield (CBS) did a feature on the Tricky Dog Show.

Majik and Yorik do all sorts of other fun things,
including competing in AKC Rally and Obedience trials.
They have their own pages where you can see more pictures and read all about them.

Meet Majik the Wonder Dog - click here
Meet Yorik the Wonder Dog -
click here

Here are photos from some of our performances!

Contact us by email for further information or to schedule a show.


Norwegian Elkhound Rescue
Whetstone Veterinary Clinic (our vets)
Therapy Dogs International
Springfield Missouri Dog Training Club
Country Living Assisted Living (we visit here every month)