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    Yorik's Tricky Dog Show is free for nursing homes, scout and church groups, and schools. He performs in the greater Springfield Missouri area, including points east to Mountain Grove Missouri. If you would like him to come put on a show, contact him at the email address in the box above.





Springfield MO Arf Fest 2009 - he takes 1st by scrunching into a tiny box!


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    Hi!  I'm a Norwegian Elkhound, and my name is Yorik (fancy name - AncientRidge Magic Arrow RE, CGC, TDI). I was born in  Greece in October 2005, but now I live in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks near Mansfield.  I'm a really smart little guy, and I know a LOT of neat tricks.  I even put on my own Tricky Dog Show! I learn more every day.  Someday I'll be famous! I'll be .......Yorik, the Wonder Dog!

I'm going to be so famous I'll have my own magazine! 
It will look like this and come out 4 times a year!!!!

Before you hear about all my tricks, here's a few other Wonder Dogs I admire......

This is Rin-Tin-Tin. He made lots of movies and he had his own TV show too!

This is my dad, Hobbit!  He still lives in Greece, where he has appeared in some Sears clothing advertisements. He is a famous Elkhound champion in the show ring there and in other European countries too!  He's also a champion in the United States. A guy's dad is always a Wonder Dog. 

Yukon King is famous for catching bad guys with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Canada, and for being Sgt. Preston's lead dog on his sled team. 

I'm going to be a sled dog too!

Of all the famous Wonder Dogs, Lassie is the one I admire most. She is so pretty and smart!

Someday I'm going to be as famous as she is!

Of course, my dream is to make a movie with Lassie!

I'm practicing to be just like her!

I would really  like to make a cowboy movie!  What do you think?

I'm already so famous that when I go shopping they have special treats
waiting  just for me at the checkout. Am I cool or what?

Here I am with my girlfriend, Sadie!
Don't we remind you of  "Brad" and "Angelina"?


Yorik has been trained using a clicker and positive reinforcement.
To read about his training in detail, click here to go to the training page.


YORIK on YouTube!
Click on the link below to see videos of Yorik doing his tricks and Rally-O.



Following is a list of many of the tricks Yorik can do. Click on VIDEO to see a movie, 
or click the above YouTube link to see all available videos at once. 


sit up (sit pretty)
sit in a tiny box
shake either paw
speak loudly or softly
hold the leash and take his sister for a walk
"crazy dog" - spin in a circle
grab tail in mouth and spin around
weave through a person's legs as they walk
get the mail from a toy mailbox
wear a hat
play a toy piano  or other keyboard
jump through a hoop
retrieve through a hoop
retrieve any object he can carry
stand on a platform
get "food" from a toy oven and put it on a plate
pick a dollar bill from someone's pocket
"answer" the toy phone
find and retrieve car keys
play basketball
refuse a treat if it's from the dogcatcher!
untie a rope
get a hankie for someone who sneezes
get a blanket for someone who says "brrrrrr...."
fall down "dead" at the sound "bang!"
roll over
"leave it" - eat a treat only on command
open or close a cabinet door
open the refrigerator
come when called
eat treat off a plate and then pick up the plate to "tidy up"
high five
stand and walk on hind legs
put laundry in a laundry basket
pick up toys off the floor and put in a toy box
pick up trash and put in a waste can
deliver items from one person to another
retrieve objects by name
pull a rolling toy
pull a plastic sled
ride on a plastic sled
help out by picking up dropped objects like napkins
pick out the scented duckie from a group of 5
pick out an object by color
get the dish towel off a hook and take it to someone
open a cabinet door, get out a toy, and take it to someone
walk backwards
open his crate door
ring a bell to come in the house
"fetch the slippers"
solve a math problem
go bowling
play ring-toss
pick a card
dance routine
where's Yorik? (peek-a-boo)
sit on a scale
sort objects into two containers
take a bow

get in a suitcase

get butter from the refrigerator
stack bowls inside each other
get money from the toy ATM

Would you like to see some pictures?

Time for a concert. This is one of several tricks that evolve from the simple "shake". 

Opening the toy cash register is another!

The concept "pull" was taught by playing tug-o-war. Once learned, it can be used for many tricks.

Pull open the refrigerator.

Pull the toy sled.

Pull the baby toy.

Pull open the mailbox door and get the mail!

A strip of cloth marks the spot to grab and pull. There's something new in the mailbox every time.


..........don't litter!

Leave it.

Let's Play Basketball!

Basketball is fun to teach and to play. Yorik loves to put the ball in the hoop.

The retrieve is the foundation for this trick.  A good retrieve makes for almost unlimited possibilities.


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