Page Two  - More Wonder Dog Tricks

What's Cookin'?

Open the door of the toy oven and remove the squeaky hamburger.

This requires the same skills as getting the mail. Having a good retrieve, he can then "deliver" the burger to a paper plate!

Ah-Choo!     Oh my! Let me get you a hankie!


Jump through the hoop!


Yorik will retrieve anything! Retrieving is not a natural behavior for the Norwegian Elkhound, but it can be taught, using the clicker, patience, and lots of treats. It's important for a Wonder Dog to be good at retrieving, because so many tricks have it as a component!

Trick or Treat!

Toy doctor bag.

Real car keys.

Air Kong toy.

Barter System

Part of teaching the retrieve, is giving a reward for every item that is brought to the handler, not just during a training session, but any time throughout the day. This reinforces the idea that bringing the object TO the handler is more fun than playing keep-away with it. It also results in a dog like Yorik who understands the barter system. To Yorik, all objects have value and are potential barter materials. Shoes, scraps of cardboard, toys, throw pillows - anything may be traded for treats at any time.

Pick-pocket Elkhound.

Answer the phone.

It's for you!

"Lassie" unties Timmy.

Sit pretty.

Walk on your hind legs.
Work up to this one gradually!

Put the towels in the basket.

Weaving through Marilyn's legs as she walks.

Just remember........

Training sessions should be frequent,  fun and short.
Don't be so busy working that you don't take time to stop and eat (er....smell) the roses!

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