Jon and Marilyn in park with snow falling
We live in the Missouri Ozarks, about 45 miles from Springfield.  Our house is in the middle of
almost 90 acres. That makes it a perfect location for observing the stars  and the wildlife. The snow photos were taken in February 2006.

Our house is at the edge of the woods and overlooks a valley.

Loki in the front yard.

View from the front porch.

Although winter is a beautiful season here, spring is even better!

Redbud trees beginning to bloom.

Looking south from the front of the house.
The big walnut tree hasn't leafed out yet.

We enjoy some beautiful sunsets.

Another spectacular sunset.

The Ozarks can also experience some powerful storms.
This shelf cloud brought torrential rain.

Here are a few pictures of the inside of our house. 

Dining room. Notice the elkhound in front of the TV!

Living room.  Our house is super-insulated. 
The gas log in the fireplace heats the entire house!

Living room.