Jon Slaton

From Trees to Furniture

Our neighbor is off-grid, but he built a house on his property for his daughter and she wanted electricity. The power lines run across our property, so we had to cut several trees to allow the electric company access with their trucks.

First bunch of logs cut. 
Moving the logs with my tractor from the bottomland to the old barn by the road.   
I found a guy with a portable sawmill to come to our property and cut the logs.

A sawmill close to us just built a solar powered lumber drier, and they dried our lumber. 
About 1/3 of the lumber   
First Walnut lumber in shop ready to be cut into pieces for the flag cases/tables.   
Some of the lumber was not very straight.   
Two of the jigs I made to cut the slots in the cases.     
Jig/sled I made to cut the 22-1/2 degree
Cutting a tenon   
Cutting a mortise   
Pre-stain wood conditioner, stain, and Urethane used on the cases.   
Me with the finished cases/tables   
Cases open and shut     
Stretchers I added (not in the plans) to keep vacuums or accidental kicks from damaging the legs.
Detail of the bottom stretchers. 
Both plaques 
(I have an engraver)

The box I made to ship it safely.
I did not make this table with this in mind, but this is the flag the VFW had over Dad's casket. Later I'll add the other stuff in the top.