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I had the metal workshop set up before, but not like I wanted it. Now that we have moved here, I also have room to set up the woodworking shop. I have been buying machines and tools for a long time, and putting them in my "someday" pile.
My wife said now we both know why the guys sold the machines at a yard sale or auction:
EVERY ONE OF THEM NEEDED WORK except the little 3 wheel bandsaw.
I use it for everything from metal to wood to plastic. 


Bridgeport milling machine with Alliant 42VC 2 HP variable speed head, riser block, motorized table. This was in pieces, boxes, bags, and sacks. The guy I bought it from told me there was enough parts to make one, and a few extra. I traded in my old Bridgeport which was smaller and did not have the motor driven table or variable speed. After making a set of dovetails cranking by hand, I knew I had to have something like this. 

16" Rotary Table with additional 24" top for larger objects
Job shown is cutting a radius on blocks to fit tube rings.

Logan 14" lathe (14-5/8" x 20") First thread I cut with it was a 7/8" x 5-3/4 thread for my buddy's tire balancer.
I have done a ton of work rebuilding it; worm wheels, bushings, etc. Yes, those are two extra steady rests underneath. Neither fits; the one is for a 13" and the other goes on a 16". I need one for a 14-5/8". Repainting may happen some day, but there are so many other things also waiting someday...



J. D. Wallace 16"
band saw (Rebuild is complete; pictures coming) Case was broken in 2 places - we had to nickel weld it. Chunk of steel is going to be the top.

Sears power hacksaw (REALLY OLD but still works) model 108-1501

20 ton Hydraulic press


I don't have any really old, large, or fancy stuff, just things picked up here and there,
but hopefully big enough to make things around the house and shop.

Wood lathe 12" x 20"

Sears 4-1/4" joiner model 149.21890 Lots of work, including new bushings, new shaft, height adjuster, and more. Small, but useful.

Sears 6" planer (Also needed lots of work) Model 103-1801. The guy I bought it from said something about not changing the blades; now I know what he was talking about: Two of the heads in the Allen screws were rounded off. I ruined several types of easy-outs, then decided I had to put the cutter head in the mill and bore the bolts out. 

Sears 12" band saw

Sears 11" 3 wheel band saw ?2935168

12-1/2" 2 hp Craftsman thickness Planer model 351.233731
I had to rebuild it, too - new bearings, etc.

Grizzly mortiser

Rockwell Delta Division 6" x 48" sander model 67-1556

Delta 12" sander McDonald Machinery Company, St. Louis

Sharpener No Name, just "G7" on base and "G71" on cover
Aluminum piece holds glue bottle to drip water on wheel.

Craftsman "100" 10" table saw

Delta 12" cutoff saw 34-080

One of the new small belt/disk sander combos


14" Comet Radial Arm Saw Model PR serial no. y13704
motor Master Electric Division type RA 1.5 HP. This too needed a lot of work.